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This is not your granddad’s tobacco vape. We’ve taken an American tobacco chassis and hot-rodded it with a complex mix of mint, caramel, and juicy fruits. If you’re a fan of classic tobacco flavors, but have been waiting for a bold new version for your high-end mod, then this is the vape for you.

LIQUA HP is a special series of e-liquid for electronic cigarettes with higher wattage. You really cannot completely appreciate sub-ohm tanks operating at higher wattage with traditional e-liquids. LIQUA HP will allow you to fully take advantage of your tanks and MODs and to enjoy the best possible vaping experience.

The special composition of LIQUA HP will allow to vaporize the e-liquid far more effectively with lower resistances and with at least 15W or more you will get better flavor and vapor production.

All LIQUA HP flavors contain Swiss quality nicotine, which is highly valued for its absolutely neutral taste, thus brings out the full richness of the actual e-liquid flavors.

Nicotine strength: 0mg, 3mg and 6mg

The whole series of new LIQUA HP flavors is manufactured in facilities directly in Italy according to the highest EU standards. LIQUA HP uses the best available ingredients, including top quality Swiss nicotine. The new LIQUA HP series is matched by the philosophy of all-day-vape, allowing you to enjoy your favorite e-liquid throughout the day without any restrictions.

LIQUA HP series comes in square bottles along with a narrow and long dropper for convenient filling. The thread of the bottle and its child safety has a new design and will not deteriorate even after frequent use. The unique design of the bottle moreover differs from all other e-liquids on the market.

Artnr: Benämning: Delbetalning. Pris: Antal:
Liqua HP Överdrive 30ml 3mg Liqua HP Overdrive 30ml 3mg (Lägg till i Önskelistan ) 99,00 kr/st
Liqua HP Överdrive 30ml 6mg Liqua HP Overdrive 30ml 6mg (Lägg till i Önskelistan ) 99,00 kr/st



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