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E-Vod Fashion

E-Vod Fashion



 Stylish Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit with compact design

Product Contents:

1 x Evod 1300mAh e-cig battery
1 x Evod Bottom Coil Clearomizer tank
1 x Evod Bottom Coil Atomizer
1 x  USB charger

The Evod  electronic cigarette starter kit is the ideal solution for a smoker who wants to try e-cigs for the first time. It has a , stylish design with a 1300mAh battery that perfectly suits the needs of the Heavy  to medium smoker.

Coupled with a specialized hi-tech clearomizer which incorporates the newest bottom coil technology, it can maintain its performance and flavour without any nasty burning taste.

It has an easy to use refill system where you simply remove the bottom piece which stores the atomizer, fill the tank with your favourite l E Liquid, put the bottom back on, and you're done! Simple and quick! No mess and no stress!

Maintaining this model is easy too. When your bottom coil atomizer finally runs out, theres no need to replace the entire clearomizer. Simply purchase new coils from our accessories collection and save yourself a packet.

It has a  fast recharge time too. You can go from 0-100% battery power in less than an 2 hours with it's own personal USB electronic cigarette charger.


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Evod Yellow/White Evod Yellow/White (Lägg till i Önskelistan ) 189,00 kr/st



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